15 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902

The Notwatson’s Story…

our story

Growing up…my mom loved Watson’s Department Store…I mean loved it! It seemed as if every Saturday of my youth, was spent rummaging through the bargain-filled caverns of Watson’s Department Store on Market Square. We would all pile in the car and wait for the question…”Where are we headed?” We knew it was coming, and, as if we had any choice in the matter, our answer was invariably “Not Watson’s!” Then we’d all have a good laugh, and head straight downtown! Market Square definitely had a different vibe back then, but it was still a great place to gather with family and friends.

So…when the building you are sitting in became available, and we decided to put a new restaurant in it, the name was pretty much already decided. Call it destiny, a blast from the past, whatever you like…Not Watson’s was creating some pretty cool memories, long before we opened its doors as Market Square’s newest restaurant and watering hole. So why “not”? Eat…Drink…Enjoy!!

our ingredients

Just so you’ll know…at Not Watson’s Kitchen + Bar, we source the absolute best ingredients for all of our offerings, whether it’s food, beer, wine or cocktails. We provide all organic & farm to table products whenever possible…especially if they taste better! We buy local whenever and wherever it makes sense. Actually…some of what you are eating today was probably purchased from local, all-organic farmers, right here in Market Square. You should check out the Market Square Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday morning, May through November!

our commitment

We are as committed as anyone we know (and we know a bunch of people!), to serving the best possible stuff, at the best possible price…every day we come to work. After all…if we aren’t proud of it…how can we expect you to eat it, drink it…or, hopefully, tell your friends about it? If you have any questions about what we use…or where we get it…don’t hesitate to ask. We might even give you a tour…if you’re truly committed…as long as you don’t mind wearing a hairnet and some slip resistant footwear!